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Randall Robinson is the Discipline Group Leader for Science, and a Senior Lecturer in Ecology and Environmental Management, in the College of Engineering & Science at Victoria University. His research interests are diverse and span human disturbances to birds, recruitment in Zostera seagrass, genetics of Cymbidium orchids and chemically-mediated growth suppression of native plants by invasive plants. Visit Randall’s website for more details.


Patrick Guay is currently the Research Facilitation and Development Manager at Victoria University. His past research has focussed on waterbirds including the behavioural ecology of musk ducks, hybridisation in native Australian ducks with introduced mallards, correlates of the bird brain size with life-history traits and quantifying and managing human disturbance to birds.


Mike Weston is a senior lecturer at Deakin University. He conducts research in conservation biology with a strong focus on finding effective solutions that permit the co-existence between people and wildlife. He has a particular interest in shorebirds and his current research includes managing the disturbance of humans and dogs to birds. Visit Mike’s website for more details.


Wouter van Dongen is a post-doctoral fellow at Victoria University. His current research focusses on understanding genetic and environmental factors which influence the fear of birds towards humans. He is also interested in interactions between bacteria and their animal hosts, animal population genetics and the behavioural ecology of birds.


Daniel Blumstein is a Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and a Professor in the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability at the University of California Los Angeles.  He is interested in developing predictive models of human disturbance on wildlife so as to better facilitate coexistence in an increasingly urban world. Visit Dan’s website for more details.


Emily McLeod is a research assistant with Victoria University. Her research interests include the management of human disturbance to birds, the influence of individual behavioural traits in cooperative breeding systems, and the engagement of local communities in conservation projects.



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